How To Eat

While we try to wedge as much instruction as we can into each of our WOD classes, we realize there are topics our members want to learn about that we can't just squeeze in around the workout.

We get frequent questions about areas such as nutrition, supplementation, rest and recovery, scaling, working around injuries, and frequent requests for more in-depth tutorials on single movements like the double-under, the kip or the snatch.

To that end, we're adding a new series of classes we're calling "How to CrossFit".  Each Saturday at noon at 26th St., we'll be holding a 60-90 minute seminar on a different topic or movement.

We're kicking it off a week from this Saturday with How to Eat, a practical guide to nutrition that balances the goals of CrossFiters with the realities of life in New York, taught by Coach Josh Newman.

August 17, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
25 W. 26th Street, 3rd Floor
25 W. 26th Street, 3rd Floor
NY, NY 10010 US
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Event Price: FREE